Saturday, 27 January 2018

Jaoanese Sampler Quilt

My Japanese Sampler Quilt has made good progress over the summer.

I now have all the one hundred blocks machine pieced and patterns drawn up.

And I just about have the first fifty blocks hand quilted and sashiko stitched,

The first four rows are ready to go together.

This project is Quilt-As-You-Go which is working well, especially in this hot summer 
as I am only working on block at a time.

Back soon with the first four rows joined together with the sashing strips.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Bees Wax Wraps

Over the summer holidays we made bees wax wraps. 
These are great for wrapping cheeses, etc when storing them in your fridge. 
Reduces the need for Glad Wrap.

Our friends have a bee hive and had harvested the wax from it.
Hence the fun day we had creating fabric covered in wax.

Ready to go - nice boiled and boiled wax to purify it and fabric ready to go.

But first lets get the fabric prepared - it had to be washed and 
then cut to the size we wanted.

I had chosen some of our 1930s Reproduction fabrics -  somehow seemed appropriate.

 Meanwhile Mark's role was to grate the wax ready for melting.

Wax suitably melt now in goes the fabric.

And out it comes covered with a fine layer of wax.

Hang to dry and iron to set nicely.

Now ready for cheeses or pot covers.

A pot of Deb's honey.
What a fun day.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Old Laces

The third in my series of photos from the Warkworth Museum.
What a treasure trove this was. 

This time the focus is on laces.

These are late 19th Century laces from the Barbie Stanley-Harris Collection.

Cushion Lace

More Cushion Lace

Crochet Lace

Ribbon Lace

Net Lace

Ribbon and Lace Bonnet c. 1890

Thanks you Warkworth Museum for a wonderful display.
And what I have shown is just a small part of it.
Do get up there and visit if you can.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Old Buttons

More from the Warkworth Museum.

This time buttons.
What a wonderful display - all nicely labelled.

And what a range of products buttons used to be made from.

"Buttons were made for ornamentation long before 
they came into general use as fastenings."






And then the 'Piece-de-la-Resistance - a tin box full of tiny buttons.

Back soon with laces from Warkworth Museum.

Warkworth Museum, Parry Kauri Park, Tudor Collins Drive, Warkworth. 

Monday, 15 January 2018

Old Sewing Machines

We visited the Warkworth Museum while up that way staying with friends.
I was really impressed with the museum.

It has a whole display of tiny old sewing machines. 

Casige - Toy Sewing Machine

Singer 1890

Bigger Unity Machine set in the beautiful table top.


Back soon with laces and buttons from the same museum.
Warkworth Museum, Parry Kauri Park, Tudor Collins Drive, Warkworth. 

Saturday, 25 November 2017

New Project - Sashiko Sampler

Yeah - how much fun is it starting a new project.

This one will be a Block of the Month starting early in 2018.

It is lots of sashiko and hand quilted panels.

Some are hand pieced first and the stitched.

While others are pre-printed sashiko panels.

It is so much working on these smaller pieces, as once they are stitched
they are finished as I am doing them Quilt-As-You-Go.

Three more piles this high and I will be done!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Katrina Hadjimichael Retreat

We have finished our three day Retreat with Katrina Hadjimichael.

What a wonderful few days we had with her.
I was working on my Pemberley Quilt that I actually started with her last year, but just haven't had time to get it finished. Shop samples keep on getting in the way!!

This is the centre of the quilt that I started on last year and did find a little time to stitch 
and  add on the corner sections and the next border..

This year I got the next borders ready for stitching - well almost - just little 
gold semi-circles to add.

I prepared these two blocks for stitching. They form the next round of 
borders - along with several more versions of them and another 
design yet to be made.

I am not sure the centre of this one is staying - I suspect the motif is not 
round enough for placement within the circle, but I do like the colour 
as it links back into my 'tongues' in the centre.

This block has some 'leaves' to be added around the edge.

So that is quite good progress with time snatched between co-ordinating 
the Retreat and helping others.

This is Katrina's sample.
We will have patterns available soon for it.
You can place your order at the shop now.